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Some projects I've worked on

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My other prototypes and ideas

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10 facts about me

1. I am a Full Stack C#.NET Software Engineer and I currently work for The Ardonagh Group, the principal diversified insurance group in the UK. We combine the latest technology with great customer service to provide end-to-end financial services across a variety of sectors.

2. I majored in computer science from NIIT, Christ University and Swansea University (Master of Engineering, Computing).

3. My core academic subjects included mathematics, statistics, corporate finance, marketing, software engineering, computer graphics, artificial intelligence, cryptography and web/mobile programming.

4. I am passionate about programming, quantitative methods, digital arts and virtual worlds.

5. Beside a proven adaptability to diverse cultural and business environments, I am fluent in English and French.

6. Sometimes, I blog about technology & strategy.

7. I have been a Microsoft Certified Professional Developer and Technology Specialist since 2008.

8. Even though I am open to discuss all kinds of tech projects, I am mostly experienced and interested in the following industries:
e-commerce, finance, education, social media, entertainment, gaming and arts.

9. If you need some help with your .NET project/website, I would probably like to work with you. Let's talk about it.

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Also, here are more details about my skills and professional experience.

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Get in touch.

I am available to chat via e-mail, Skype, phone or in person for those in the UK. Hit me through the form or on the following platforms.