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Condensé De Ressources Gratuites En Français Pour Apprendre Et Maitriser C#

by necemon 21. March 2016 08:04
Le C# (Prononcez "cé charpe" à la française ou "ci charpe" à l'anglaise) est le langage de programmation phare de Microsoft, donc un langage très professionnalisant. Utilisé par un nombre important et grandissant de professionnels, il permet de réaliser toutes sortes d'applications. Une question qui revient souvent est, comment debuter en C#, quelles sont les meilleurs cours gratuits pour les francophones ?
Voici quelques suggestions. [More]

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Did You Just Say Crowdfunding?

by necemon 28. November 2015 07:02
During the month of August, I was helping out the TechOfAfrica team with the organization of an afropreneur afterwork event in Abidjan. So I was talking with a friend about that session, I was explaining that the purpose was to present the Afropreneur project and to promote the related crowdfunding campaign. But, as soon as I mentioned the word "Crowdfunding". my friend immediately shifted to a shocked face. "Huh? What's that, Nanda? Some of your geeky stuff again?", She asked. And then, I realised that what may seem obvious for some of us is not always that clear for others. This situation is amplified by the fact that many are not particularly comfortable with the language of Shakespeare. So I wrote this little article just to clear things up for everyone. Happy reading. [More]

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Becoming Your Own Boss: 7 Lessons Learned On The Spot

by necemon 8. November 2015 19:09
A few months ago, I left my job in order to become my own boss. Well, that's what I thought. But I could learn a few lessons from this experience that I would like to share.
1. Fun working
When you do a job you love, it turns out that you do not really work. You have fun while learning and making money. [More]

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Web Citizen And Media Coverage: Yes, But...

by necemon 25. October 2015 22:30
These days, with the advent of social networks and blogs, every citizen yearns for information as mentioned in Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which says:
"Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers."
By virtue of this right, some citizens may sometimes tend to disseminate information without respecting certain rules of journalism that we will recall later.
It's worth indicating that elections are a time: [More]

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Africa, Cradle Of Humanity And Entrepreneurs

by necemon 20. October 2015 21:36
In addition to being the cradle of humanity, Africa is becoming the cradle of entrepreneurs. As a matter of fact, when it comes to the world rankings of the countries with the largest number of entrepreneurs, Africa plays the leading role!
While entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom and the United States are associated with start-ups, in some other countries, especially in Africa, entrepreneurship for freelancers is more of a necessity than a dream. Indeed, when there are not enough jobs available like in many African countries, you have to create their own opportunities. [More]

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12 Years Of A Dream Challenging Reality

by necemon 15. October 2015 21:56
To be realistic is to find a rational way to achieve a magnificent goal.

PS: This is neither a biography, nor a success story. This is just the testimony of an African entrepreneur for those who can inspired by it, here or elsewhere. [More]

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12 Ans d'Un Rêve Défiant la Réalité

by necemon 15. October 2015 20:42
Etre réaliste, c’est trouver un moyen rationnel pour atteindre un but magnifique.

PS : Ceci n’est pas une biographie, ni un manuel de succès (Success Story) mais un un témoignage d’entrepreneur africain pour ceux que ça pourra inspirer ici ou ailleurs.
Les déclencheurs
Nous sommes dans l’intervalle 1997 – 2001, les années d’or de la PlayStation 1, et je joue à deux jeux qui vont changer ma vie. [More]

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4 Substantial Tactics Guaranteed To Boost Your Game Creation Skills

by necemon 15. March 2015 16:20
A user of one of my web applications sent the following question :
Hi my name is T. and I am 15, when I am older I want to be a part of the gaming industry and I am just wondering can you guys help with that, can you give me any tips or any experience?
Would posting to your website help me out in this? I would love to hear your reply, it would really help me out.
Here was my reply: [More]

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Création De Jeu Vidéo : 4 Tactiques Substantielles Qui Vont Forcément Booster Tes Compétences

by necemon 15. March 2015 09:46
Un utilisateur de l'une de mes applications web m'a fait part part de sa préoccupation:

Bonjour, je suis T. j'ai 15 ans, quand je serai grand j'aimerais faire partie de l'industrie du jeu video et je me demandais si vous pouviez m'aider. Pouvez vous me donner quelques conseils et partager avec moi votre expérience?
Est ce que le fait de publier sur votre plateforme pourrait m'aider dans cette situation? J'aimerais beaucoup lire votre réponse, ça m'aidera vraiment.
Telle fut ma réponse: [More]

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On Technical Orientation : 5 Basic Considerations When Starting To Code

by necemon 20. January 2015 20:18
A fresher sent me the following query:
Hi Necemon, thank you for accepting my invite. I am new to the IT field and I would appreciate if you could give me some guidance. Based on your work experience, can you tell me what companies look for in a computer guy ?
I have heard about you from senior students at Christ University, I am in Bangalore and I like computer science but I do not know what to learn and how to begin.
Actually, I think I like programming but I am told that the C language is no longer relevant, and I am also told about Ruby, C #, Python, etc. I'm confused. [More]

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