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Deploying a Web App to IIS / Windows Server In 7 Clever Steps

by necemon 24. January 2016 10:15
Here is a simple deployment routine, for a reliable and smooth release :-) [More]

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Déployer une application web sur IIS / Windows Server en 7 étapes ingénieuses

by necemon 24. January 2016 10:03
Une routine simple, pour un déploiement robuste et efficace :-) [More]

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Games for Everyone

by necemon 24. March 2010 15:08
We are living a terrific OS wars with the rise of Linux over the last two decades. The big Google is also launching its Google Chrome OS. Microsoft and Apple are far away from giving up the party with the Windows 7 and Mac OS X respectively. Well, as a wannabe game programmer, I feel it is getting difficult to choose a side. The will to reach the maximum audience could lead to code mainly for windows gamers. But then, there is still a trouble. Let’s talk about a very exciting field of gaming: Multiplayer online gaming. Suppose you build your game client using any Microsoft .net language, say C#. Are you compelled to code your server application in C# as well? [More]

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