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4 Substantial Tactics Guaranteed To Boost Your Game Creation Skills

by necemon 15. March 2015 16:20
A user of one of my web applications sent the following question :
Hi my name is T. and I am 15, when I am older I want to be a part of the gaming industry and I am just wondering can you guys help with that, can you give me any tips or any experience?
Would posting to your website help me out in this? I would love to hear your reply, it would really help me out.
Here was my reply: [More]

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Création De Jeu Vidéo : 4 Tactiques Substantielles Qui Vont Forcément Booster Tes Compétences

by necemon 15. March 2015 09:46
Un utilisateur de l'une de mes applications web m'a fait part part de sa préoccupation:

Bonjour, je suis T. j'ai 15 ans, quand je serai grand j'aimerais faire partie de l'industrie du jeu video et je me demandais si vous pouviez m'aider. Pouvez vous me donner quelques conseils et partager avec moi votre expérience?
Est ce que le fait de publier sur votre plateforme pourrait m'aider dans cette situation? J'aimerais beaucoup lire votre réponse, ça m'aidera vraiment.
Telle fut ma réponse: [More]

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Monty Oum or the Bruce Lee of Digital Arts

by necemon 7. February 2015 21:12
There are some people who are willing to sacrifice almost everything, including their time, resources, sometimes even their social life, their sleep and some "normal" pleasures of life. All of that, in order to work hard and focus on their vocation, to improve things or try and make their world a slightly better place. Your grandparents had a word for that : Saints. Today we refer to them as Entreprenerds. [More]

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Gamification: 5 peculiar concepts that African schools could actually use (Part 2)

by necemon 18. June 2013 08:42
In Africa, in general there are not enough teachers and not enough hours of classes a day to teach children everything they need to know. That's why we need children to stay interested and continue to learn voluntarily, even after leaving the classroom.

There is a solution that costs virtually nothing: alternate reality games. [More]

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Gamification : 5 concepts décalés que les écoles africaines pourraient vraiment utiliser (suite)

by necemon 18. June 2013 08:27
En Afrique, en général il n y a pas assez d'enseignants et il n y a pas assez d'heures de cours par jour pour apprendre aux enfants TOUT ce qu'ils doivent savoir. C'est pour ça qu'on a besoin que les enfants restent intéressés et continuent eux-mêmes d'apprendre volontairement, même après avoir quitté la salle de classe.

Il ya une solution qui ne coute virtuellement rien : les jeux en realité alternée [More]

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Gamification: 5 Peculiar Concepts That African Schools Could Actually Use

by necemon 17. June 2013 19:53
Let's admit that the education system in Africa is currently rather demotivational.

From the beginning of the school year, and starting the first homework, the ambitious student sees himself with a perfect score of 20 out of 20, but from there, the only possible direction is the reduction of his points, depending on his mistakes. If he is really brilliant, he could stay close to the average of 20, otherwise in general his average score drops with each of his mistakes.

There is a sort of feedback loop that encourages failure: when you have a bad grade, you feel less motivated to study, so you study less, so you have more bad grades, and so on. Basically, the more you fail, the more you fail.

However, in games, we learn that progress encourages progress and that the desire to be effective is a much stronger motivator than the fear of failure. [More]

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Gamification : 5 concepts décalés que les écoles africaines pourraient vraiment utiliser

by necemon 17. June 2013 19:43
Avouons qu'en ce moment, le système éducatif en Afrique (Francophone, mais pas que) est plutot démotivationel. Il y a comme une boucle de rétroaction qui encourage l'échec : quand tu as une mauvaise note, tu as moins envie d'étudier, donc tu étudies moins, donc tu as plus de mauvaises notes, et ainsi de suite. En gros, plus tu échoues, plus tu échoues.

Alors que dans les jeux, on apprend que le progrès encourage le progrès et que le désir d'être efficace est un motivateur beaucoup plus fort que la peur d'echouer. [More]

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Babi Fraya: The Hot Winter Illusion

by necemon 25. May 2013 19:29
I just published a beta version of my first complete game. If you have a moment to try it, I hope you will enjoy it : [More]

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Babi Fraya : Illusion d'un Hiver Torride

by necemon 25. May 2013 14:45
Je viens de publier une version beta de mon premier jeu complet. Si tu as un moment pour l'essayer, j'espere que tu vas apprecier: [More]

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Business at the speed of game production: OpenGL or XNA?

by necemon 18. June 2012 18:06
A common start ups question in the gaming industry is : Which graphical environment should we use ? As time is money, a crucial factor in a choice is time: not only the time it takes to build complete games with each API but also a fluid timing during the gaming experience to make it enjoyable. In this analysis, we compare the OpenGL industry standard to the Microsoft XNA game framework on the speed factor. The study includes learning curve, programming, modeling and rendering speeds on both sides. [More]

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