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Hello world.

Welcome to The NeceMoon. I didn't want to call it something like "Necemon's blog" or "The blog of Necemon Yai" which would be pretty bare/unoriginal, so I thought I would go for The NeceMoon, as in, The Moon of Necemon. I liked the idea of having a small, remote kind of journal/world/planet in the metaverse. Plus, that's a good pun.


If you have been to The Necemoon before, feel free to skip to the latest content.

Here are the goals for this blog:

- Describe and explain the projects I undertake

- Let others learn from my mistakes and successes

- Make it easier for the next guy

- Learn from my own mistakes, share as I learn

- Get better at writing

- Share tips and insights on a range of topics, essentially programming, technology, virtual life and winning.


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There is more to explore, check out the archive or read latest article.


Me ?

I am Necemon Yai, basically a developer and a digital artist (more details here).

Please feel welcome to get in touch :



Necemon Yai


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I am Necemon Yai. I am a .NET developer and a digital artist. Let's keep in touch via Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.

Je suis Necemon Yai. Je suis un développeur .NET et un artiste numérique. Restons en contact via Twitter, LinkedIn ou Facebook.