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FreeQNC (Web Version) : How to use it

The 'Q' is missing :-(
there is no way to play a full Chord in this web version of freeQNC. The same track is played over and over. I still didn't find a solution but I got to move on toward other projects. Nevertheless, I will get back soon to freeQNC

1. Select a Note (a song) from the table at the bottom. You just have to click on the note to select it.
2. Click on the Move button to move the Note in the Chord (the selection)
3. repeat the steps 1 and 2 to add any other Note you like to the Chord
4. click on "Play The Chord !" button to move the chord
5. Enjoy !

Change Your Chord
To change the Chord you are listening to, you got to click again on the "Play The Chord !" button.
Any change you make to the chord (adding, sorting or deleting Notes) will not be taken in account unless you click on "Play The Chord !"

This web app is optimised for Internet Explorer. If you are using Mozilla Firefox, you will need to download that : Windows Media Player Plugin For Mozilla Firefox.

We Are Waiting For Your Comment
This is only the first version. There may be something you didnt like about it. So It would be nice from you to send us any bug you found out or any suggestion. Send a feedback >>