(~~)`_'(~~) This part of the website is online for demonstration purpose only. See you soon at the new version of http://necemonyai.com (~~)`_'(~~)
It's easy to miss something you are not looking for.
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Every Story Has A Beginning.

Hi. Welcome on Internet the Necemon's way. I know it sucks for now but remember, it's just the beginning of the story. It's gonna be great.
What's there to do overhere ? Let's see... The forums are open and everyone has a word to say (including you!). You can enjoy music on Free_NC.It's actually FreeQNC but the 'Q' is missing for now. Sorry :( .

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**27-07-2009** FreeQNC ain't dead
FreeQNC was sounding good but unfortunately...it's a trademark o0. We came to know that recently. Never mind, Rishabh and I shall carry on with some projects in the same field but this time, under the name Eva Boucan. And today we are releasing the beta version of that very new EvaBoucan. It's a smart client application you can use to access the (late) FreeQNC music library. Of course, the library keeps growing and you can still add your free songs to it. ^^

**28-06-2009** Back To College. pffff...

There hasn't be any update overhere for one month. Actually I had been (more than) busy. I won't get here into details but this academic year started like...
Anyway, I am back in the building.

**28-05-2009** Officially Online ^^
Enough lonely testing. Now I got you guys for carrying the experiment to the next level. Keep sending feedback so that I keep improving this website. Thanks for visiting.

**18-05-2009** The 'Q' is missing :-(
there is no way to play a full Chord in this web version of freeQNC. The same track is played over and over. I still didn't find a solution but I got to move on toward other projects. Nevertheless, I will get back soon to freeQNC

**25-04-2009** About news...
It happens that I post some cool news on this blog :
everlastingrevolution.blogspot.com. Check it out

FreeQNC is getting great. Now You can upload your own songs to the FreeQNC Library !
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