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10 Business And Management Skills To Own And Be Productive

by necemon 24. September 2017 21:37


Management skills tend to play a very important part in business.

It is thanks to these skills that company directors can assign, assess and stay aware of the work completed by their teams.

They decide, implement actions and take control of each situation. Their skills and roles should necessarily match their career ambitions.


In this article, I suggest 10 skills in Business and Management to own in order to be productive and to be considered as a good Manager.


1. Define your top priorities

Listing your daily tasks can be a pretty effective way to improve your productivity. Focus on what's important by regularly marking and sorting the tasks that are more valuable than others.

It is essential to assess which tasks should be completed first.


2. Manage time as required

Starting early is one of the secrets that business leaders use to accomplish multiple tasks in the day. They focus on the "now" and avoid postponing.

Another thing about good managers is that they understand the importance of short, effective breaks.


3. Know when to say "no" and when to say "yes"

What makes people say "yes" instead of "no" is the fear of losing an opportunity. In some cases, they say "yes" just to avoid seeming rude, so that they could be viewed as caring individuals.

Everyone has priorities in life. There is no harm in saying "no" to things you do not want to do or things that you are not interested in.


4. Always start with the end in mind

Get into the habit of having a clear picture of the goals you want to achieve within a day, a week, a month, etc. You must have a plan before you commit to any project or task.

This will keep you motivated and focused on the most important parts.

Effective and timely strategies can lead to successful achievement of goals. It is important that you keep in mind that nothing will come to you unless you start making things happen. One action always leads to another. And it is the consistent succession of actions that lead to results.


5. Keep learning and improving

Knowledge is drawn from everywhere. It is not only learned in the classroom, but is acquired through personal experiences as well.

One of the secrets used by many business leaders and business men and women is that they are constantly looking for hobbies that will allow them to learn/discover something new.

They are open to exploration and to those things that will allow them to grow mentally, physically and intellectually.


6. The efficient allocation of resources

In business vocabulary, the allocation of resources is an economics concept which relates to the use of scarce resources, particularly the factors of production (labor, capital, raw materials) to satisfy the population's consumption needs in the short and long term. Resource management is used to get timely results and to optimize day-to-day productivity.


7. Use the right tools to stay productive

Appropriate tools will allow you to improve your productivity level and maximize your efficiency in the job. Mobile phones, although often criticized, can obviously be very important tools for communicating with team members, co-workers, etc.

Some tools such as emails, conversation groups on some social networks (public/private) can help to fill the gaps related to communication within a company.

With the rise of new communication technologies, productivity applications are very useful and a powerful help for businesses. Mastering them will not only help you keep track of your agenda, but also increase your level of productivity.


8. Living in The "Now"

Business leaders renowned for their productivity focus on things they have yet to achieve. But they always take breaks to enjoy life and the present moment.


9. Dealing with the unexpected

Unforeseen events may spring from nowhere, at any moment and surprise anyone. Business leaders and managers are always prepared for the worst. And that's why they are always ready to respond quickly to any situation.


10. Staying organised

Just like beauty, organization skills come from within. They will take root in you before outsiders may notice. Organized people know how to keep things in order. They are often in the habit of taking notes and making lists.




[Translated from a contribution by Vanessa Lecosson]

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[Interview] In The Bubble Of Ahou The African Chick: "I like to go beyond my limits, I like to be curious and try new things"

by necemon 14. September 2017 23:37

1. Quick (but effective) introduction of the personage and her achievements?

My name is Bénédicte Kouakou or, if you wish, Ahou l'Africaine (Ahou The African Chick, my blogger name).

Holding a Master's degree in Judicial Law obtained from the Catholic University of West Africa (UCAO), Ahou is passionate about digital communication and content writing. She worked as a Social Media Manager at YooMee, Bogolan Distribution (for the "Living Together" project) and RCG West Africa where she also worked as Communication and Event Assistant, on content writing and digital strategy development. Hence she has accrued 4 years of professional and corporate experience.

Unsatisfied with her "brief" internship in a law firm, and her 4 years of business experience, Ahou will combine her two passions, which are the Law and Digital Communication, by creating The Blog of Ahou The African Chick in May 2015... I have been fighting for what I wanted. I have not yet fully realized my ambitions so far, but for me, these have been great experiences.


2. What are your main goals in life?

My main goal is to see every African woman getting interested in their Rights, because very often they don't fight enough to claim those and prefer to settle for very little. My other goal is to see more women at school, and getting  involved in areas such as law, medicine, politics and whatnot; i.e. more women who do not restrict themselves. In my view, women are potentially able to do much more, beyond being a wife and a mother.

My project is to organise Masterclasses in order to educate women and teach them about their rights, and also to survey/address their specific legal needs.

I like to go beyond my limits, I like to be curious and try new things. I like loyalty and to stay true to myself. I like to believe in others because we all have talents. I plan to be a recognized blogger, and to participate in debates where Women Rights are a priority, and to make my blog a reference in women's empowerment.


3. What tools and techniques do you use to accomplish things efficiently?

My tool is my computer (I'm thinking of getting another one, most certainly a Mac) because it allows me to write most of my articles, my phone (I have to change it too lool), my mobile Wifi for connection, Canva (for my occasional visuals), a camera (that I would like to have lool)

Google helps me a lot (Google Drive, Gmail, Google Translate, Youtube, etc.)

Social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram) to be closer to my subscribers.

As for my methodology, I have a notebook where I list my pending tasks (along with their related deadlines), which I eliminate as and when they are completed.


4. Any recommendations for your juniors?

My recommendation is to believe in yourself and in what you do. To give oneself the means to realize their dreams.

There is a quote that I like: if life gives you lemons, make fresh lemonade!

My favorite book is the Bible. It is filled with messages of life that lift up the spirits for anyone who needs to refresh themselves. Also, "We are all feminists" of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

I also read websites like Femme d'Influence Magazine,,, and some other female motivation websites. I follow the blogger Fatou Ndiaye who is a beautiful inspiration, The chronicles of Sapitou, etc. I also listen to Zack Mwekassa. I follow many others, but well, I could not name them all.

I read various legal codes: criminal law, civil law and anything related to Law!


5. What is the best way to contact you?

You can reach me on most of my platforms



Social networks: TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn : Ahou L'Africaine



[Check out Ahou, her most relevant writings, as well as other exclusive interviews in The Album]

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[Interview] Dans La Bulle D'Ahou L'Africaine : "j'aime aller au delà de mes limites, j'aime être curieuse et essayer de nouvelles choses"

by necemon 14. September 2017 21:31

1. Présentation rapide (mais efficace) du personnage et de ses réalisations ?

Je me nomme Bénédicte KOUAKOU ou, si vous le souhaitez, Ahou l'Africaine (nom de blogueuse).

Titulaire d’un Master en Droit judiciaire, obtenu à l’Université Catholique de l’Afrique de l’Ouest (UCAO), Ahou l'Africaine est arrivée par passion à la communication digitale et à la rédaction de contenus. Elle a travaillé comme Social Media Manager à YooMee, Bogolan Distribution (pour le projet "vivre ensemble") et RCG West Africa où elle a également effectué des tâches d’Assistante Communication et Event, de rédactions de contenus et d’élaboration des stratégies digitales. Elle totalise ainsi 4 ans d’expérience professionnelle en entreprise.

N’étant pas satisfaite de son "bref" stage dans un cabinet d’avocats, et de ses 4 ans d’expérience professionnelle en entreprise, Ahou va allier ses deux passions que sont le droit et la communication digitale en créant, en mai 2015, Le Blog de Ahou l'Africaine... Je me suis battue pour avoir ce que je voulais. Je n'ai pas encore pleinement réalisé mes ambitions pour l'instant, mais pour moi, ce sont de belles expériences.


2. Quels sont tes objectifs principaux dans la vie ?

Mon objectif principal est de voir toute femme africaine s’intéresser aux droits, car elles en ont mais très souvent ne se battent pas assez pour les revendiquer et préfèrent se contenter de peu. Mon autre objectif, c'est de voir plus de femmes à l’école et qui s’investissent dans certains domaines tels que le droit, la médecine, la politique ou autres; qu'elles ne se donnent aucune limite. Pour moi, la femme est capable de beaucoup de choses, à part être épouse et mère. Elle a du potentiel.

Mon projet est d’organiser des Masterclasses pour édifier les femmes et leur apprendre des choses sur leurs droits et aussi m'entretenir avec elle pour en savoir plus sur leurs besoins de femmes dans le domaine du droit.

J'aime aller au delà de mes limites, j'aime être curieuse et essayer de nouvelles choses. J'aime la loyauté et rester moi même. J'aime croire aux autres car tous avons des talents. J'envisage d'être une blogueuse reconnue et de participer à des débats où le droit de la femme est une priorité et de faire de mon blog une référence en matière d'empowerment féminin.


3. Quels outils et techniques utilises tu pour accomplir des choses efficacement ?

Mon outil, c’est mon ordinateur (je pense à m'en prendre un autre, certainement un Mac) car il me permet de rédiger la plupart de mes articles, mon téléphone (lui aussi il faut que je le change lool), mon mobile Wifi pour la connexion, Canva (pour mes visuels occasionnels), un appareil photo (que je souhaiterais avoir lool)

Google m'aide beaucoup (Google Drive, Gmail, Google Traduction, YouTube, etc.)

Les réseaux sociaux (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram) pour être plus proche de mes abonnés.

Pour ce qui est de ma méthodologie, j'ai un carnet où je note mes tâches à faire, que j’élimine au fur et à mesure et devant lesquelles je note des deadlines pour les réaliser.


4. Des recommandations pour tes juniors ?

Ma recommandation, c'est de croire en soi et en ce qu'on fait. Se donner les moyens pour réaliser ses rêves.

Il y'a une citation que j'aime bien : si la vie te donne des citrons, fais en de la limonade fraiche !!! 

Mon livre préféré, c'est la Bible. Elle est remplie de messages de vies qui remontent le moral quand on veut se requinquer. Aussi, "Nous sommes tous des féministes" de Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

Je lis aussi des sites comme Femme d'Influence Magazine,,, et quelques sites de motivation féminine. Je suis la blogueuse Fatou Ndiaye qui est une belle inspiration, Les chroniques de Sapitou, etc. J’écoute aussi Zack Mwekassa. J'en suis beaucoup d'autres, mais bon, je ne pourrais pas tous les citer.

Je lis mes différents codes juridiques : droit pénal, droit civil et tout ce qui a attrait au Droit !


5. Quel est le meilleur moyen de te contacter ?

Vous pouvez me joindre sur la plupart de mes plateformes

Site web :

Email : 

Réseaux sociaux: Twitter, Facebook et LinkedIn : Ahou L'Africaine



[Retrouve Ahou, ses textes les plus pertinents, ainsi que d'autres interviews exclusives dans L'Album]

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