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A Practical Guide On Open Data From The World Bank

by necemon 3. June 2017 22:24
If you have ever checked the weather online, used the navigation function of your smartphone to find an on-duty pharmacy, or calculated the road expenses of your municipality, they you have already used "Open" Public Data. But maybe you didn't know it... For a long time, it was difficult (or even impossible) to access this information from the public authorities.
This concept was born from the belief that the huge amount of information systematically collected by public administrations should be accessible to all citizens. In the late 2000s, states and their various services began to grant access to these resources to a greater number of users. The first government open data policies were introduced in 2009. Currently, more than 250 national and local governments, nearly 50 developed/developing countries, and institutions such as the World Bank and the United Nations have launched initiatives to release the data, and these are growing every year.
Data is considered "open" if everyone can use, reuse and redistribute it freely, free of charge, for any purpose and without restrictions. Many data sets are published on government websites, but most of them are only meant to be viewed in isolation, and are not reusable for other purposes. Open data must be reusable, that is, downloadable in an open, software-readable format, and users must be legally permitted to reuse it. [More]

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Microsoft Professional Certifications for Developers

by necemon 1. March 2017 07:11
Microsoft offers a wide range of online certification programs designed to help you grow your skills and your career. This article will focus on developer certifications. [More]

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Certifications Microsoft pour Développeurs

by necemon 1. March 2017 05:54
Microsoft offre une large gamme de programmes de certification conçus pour t'aider à développer tes compétences et ta carrière. Cet article se concentrera sur les certifications de développeurs. [More]

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10 Years of Programming

by necemon 24. December 2016 10:00
I started programming when I was in high school. I learned a few lessons over the past decade, and I thought I would take a moment to gather my thoughts on these things. It took me about ten years and a lot of experimentation to figure out some of this. [More]

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10 Ans De Programmation

by necemon 24. December 2016 04:04
J'ai commencé la programmation quand j'étais au lycée. J'ai appris quelques leçons au cours de la dernière décennie, et je me suis dit que je prendrais un moment pour recueillir mes réflexions sur ces sujets. Il m'a fallu environ dix ans et beaucoup d'expérimentation pour assimiler certaines de ces choses. [More]

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Starting a New Job: 12 Tips for a Brilliant Outset

by necemon 30. June 2016 08:20
Right from the start, look for quick wins, and do your best to achieve them. You have to find something you can do as soon as possible to show some quick positive results. This will lower the pressure you feel and help you get more confident. Also, it is important to secure these early wins because they help to build your momentum and establish your credibility. [More]

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Commencer Un Nouveau Job : 12 Astuces Pour Bien Se Lancer

by necemon 30. June 2016 06:08
. D'entrée de jeu, recherche des petites victoires rapides, et fais de ton mieux pour en obtenir. Tu dois trouver quelque chose que tu peux faire pour afficher quelques petits résultats positifs dès que possible. Cela va baisser la pression que tu ressens et t'aider à te mettre en confiance. Aussi, il est important de sécuriser ces quelques premières victoires parce qu'elles contribuent à renforcer ton élan et à établir ta crédibilité. [More]

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Your First Job is Like Your First Girlfriend

by necemon 12. May 2016 18:03
Several of my readers have expressed some anxiety when it comes to getting their first chance. Many think they are hopeless, as they have never done it before. By not having certain socio-emotional skills and languages on their "psychological resume", they feel like they have an obvious flaw, as if applying for a job were like asking someone out.
Given their lack of experience, others worry that their first opportunity will be a complete failure because they wouldn’t know how to handle it.
So let's talk about that first time. [More]

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Ton Premier Emploi, C'est Comme Ta Première Go

by necemon 12. May 2016 10:55
Quelques-uns de mes lecteurs ont exprimé une certaine anxiété pour ce qui est d'obtenir leur première chance. Beaucoup pensent qu'ils sont condamnés à se planter, vu qu'ils ne l'ont jamais fait avant. N'ayant pas certains langages et compétences socio-émotionnels sur leur "CV psychologique", ils ressentent comme une lacune flagrante, comme si se rapprocher d'une fille et appliquer pour un job, c'était la même chose.
D'autres craignent qu'en raison de leur manque d'expérience, leur première opportunité sera ratée, car ils ne sauraient pas comment la gérer.
Parlons-en donc, de cette première fois. [More]

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C# Free Learning Resources For Beginners And Professionals

by necemon 21. March 2016 12:17
C# (C Sharp) is Microsoft flagship programming language, hence its popularity in the tech industry. Used by a large and growing number of professionals, it helps when building all kinds of applications. A frequently asked question is, where do I start with C#, what are the best free courses ? [More]

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