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A Practical Guide On Open Data From The World Bank

by necemon 3. June 2017 22:24
If you have ever checked the weather online, used the navigation function of your smartphone to find an on-duty pharmacy, or calculated the road expenses of your municipality, they you have already used "Open" Public Data. But maybe you didn't know it... For a long time, it was difficult (or even impossible) to access this information from the public authorities.
This concept was born from the belief that the huge amount of information systematically collected by public administrations should be accessible to all citizens. In the late 2000s, states and their various services began to grant access to these resources to a greater number of users. The first government open data policies were introduced in 2009. Currently, more than 250 national and local governments, nearly 50 developed/developing countries, and institutions such as the World Bank and the United Nations have launched initiatives to release the data, and these are growing every year.
Data is considered "open" if everyone can use, reuse and redistribute it freely, free of charge, for any purpose and without restrictions. Many data sets are published on government websites, but most of them are only meant to be viewed in isolation, and are not reusable for other purposes. Open data must be reusable, that is, downloadable in an open, software-readable format, and users must be legally permitted to reuse it. [More]

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Did You Just Say Crowdfunding?

by necemon 28. November 2015 07:02
During the month of August, I was helping out the TechOfAfrica team with the organization of an afropreneur afterwork event in Abidjan. So I was talking with a friend about that session, I was explaining that the purpose was to present the Afropreneur project and to promote the related crowdfunding campaign. But, as soon as I mentioned the word "Crowdfunding". my friend immediately shifted to a shocked face. "Huh? What's that, Nanda? Some of your geeky stuff again?", She asked. And then, I realised that what may seem obvious for some of us is not always that clear for others. This situation is amplified by the fact that many are not particularly comfortable with the language of Shakespeare. So I wrote this little article just to clear things up for everyone. Happy reading. [More]

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Monty Oum ou le Bruce Lee des Arts Digitaux

by necemon 7. February 2015 00:58
Il y a certaines personnes qui sont prêtes à quasiment tout sacrifier, y compris leur temps, leurs ressources, souvent même leur vie sociale, leur sommeil et certains plaisirs "normaux" de la vie. Tout ça pour se consacrer à leur vocation, travailler dur à changer les choses ou essayer a leur façon de rendre leur monde un peu plus agréable. Tes grands parents avaient un mot pour ça, il les appelaient les Saints. Mais ça, c'etait avant. Aujourdhui, on les appelent les Entreprenerds. [More]

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The 13 Sharpest Lessons Of 2013

by necemon 15. January 2014 17:54
I hope the year 2013 has been good for you. For me, it's been intense and rich in lessons :

1. Never let a good crisis go to waste (turn sh!t into sugar). [More]

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The General Assumption of Security

by necemon 9. November 2013 10:00
According to some Hacker News folks, the general assumption of computer security is: [More]

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L'Hypothèse Générale De La Sécurité

by necemon 9. November 2013 09:11
Selon certains hackers, l'hypothèse générale de la sécurité informatique est la suivante: [More]

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On web municipality: detailed answers and 3 essential clarifications

by necemon 2. July 2013 19:51
Following my analysis on the web municipality project, its organizers produced a response in which they insist that their pseudo-mayor has no power over anyone and never will. Although the message is somewhat reassuring, several questions remained regarding their project. Also, the organizers ask me some questions in their statement. [More]

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Municipales du Web : Quelques clarifications s'imposent

by necemon 28. June 2013 20:54
Suite à mon analyse sur les municipales du web, les organisateurs ont produit une réponse dans laquelle ils insistent sur le fait que leur pseudo-maire n'a aucun pouvoir sur personne et n'en aura jamais. Bien que le message est quelque peu rassurant, plusieurs questions restaient posées relativement à leur projet. Aussi, les organisateurs m'adressent des questions dans leur déclaration. [More]

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4 important revelations that could certainly accelerate the educational revolution in Africa (Part 2)

by necemon 22. June 2013 16:02
Researches show that those who find the answer themselves retain it better than those who are told the answer. What schools should do ideally is to give children the motivation to get involved, to create an environment where children, driven by their curiosity, solve interesting problems, instead of simply memorizing answers to the problems that have already been solved. This may seem unrealistic with regard to some traditional systems but... [More]

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4 important revelations that could certainly accelerate the educational revolution in Africa

by necemon 21. June 2013 09:37
When we talk about academic training, a fashionable expression is to say that the established education system is defective - the current system is not defective, it is built in a great way. It's just that we do not need it anymore, it's obsolete. Ok, I can not speak for everyone, but based on what I could see in West Africa and South Asia, here are some hypotheses to consider: [More]

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