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by necemon 25. December 2019 22:32
New version: Responsive Website. Dozens of testimonies: what my teammates say about me. Answering the 10 most frequently asked questions. The Complete CV is now public. Both the website and the CV are now entirely available in Spanish, in Portuguese, in German, in Italian and in Dutch. [More]


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[Interview] In The Bubble Of Karen Kakou: "my parents never knew their ways to successful careers, I had to figure everything out by myself"

by necemon 15. April 2018 23:17
1. Quick (but effective) introduction of the personage and her achievements?

I am Karen A. Kakou. I am an Industrial Engineering graduate from the University of Wisconsin in the USA. Currently I work as a Manager in a renowned food manufacturing company, where I get to apply my analytical, continuous improvement and people management skills on a daily basis. My strength throughout my career has been to always seek the next thing to learn. I am a hungry for anything books and new knowledge. With my background- my mom never gone to college, my father barely knowing the ways around for a successful career, and no one to guide me in general, I had to figure everything out for myself. This may be the reason why I have always been thirsty for more to learn. This helped me in defying what the expected future for me was- a passable future, to strive for a more excellent future in which I live up to my potential. Today I could not be any happier because I am living the path of what was meant for me, and I never settled.

2. What are your main goals in life? [More]

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Breaking Through Pebble: from Mediocrity to Excellence

by necemon 7. April 2018 20:33
How Do You Shift from a Restricted Mindset to Thinking Excellence for Greater Success?

In this briefing, I share a few tactics from my personal experience of exiting the realm of mediocrity to a mindset of excellence that leads me toward success. I also discuss some observations and principles that have been helpful in acquiring knowledge and acting on it. [More]

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[Interview] In The Bubble of Yehni Djidji: "I offer educational entertainment and life-changing experiences to children"

by necemon 21. March 2018 22:05
1. Quick (but effective) introduction of the personage and her achievements?

I am Rosine Kakou Ano. Graduated in Communication, Marketing and Management. I have been operating under the pseudonym "Yehni Djidji" since 2008, which was the year when I launched my blog. I am the founder of a literary agency called Livresque that helps those who wish to publish a book throughout the process, organises events about literature and offers educational entertainment to children. [More]

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How to Track Mysterious Bugs with Visual Studio

by necemon 10. March 2018 08:40
Debugging is the process of finding and resolving defects or problems within the program that prevent correct operation of computer software or a system. Debugging tactics can involve interactive debugging, control flow analysis, unit testing, integration testing, log file analysis, monitoring at the application or system level, memory dumps, and profiling.

Some bugs may be easy to track. I don't want to talk about those. Let's discuss the really mysterious ones.

Like the saying goes, Theory is when one knows everything but nothing works; Practice is when everything works but nobody knows why. Sometimes Theory and Practice go hand in hand: nothing works and nobody knows why. In such cases, it's worth remembering about some effective techniques that often allow us to reach the root of the problem and to display its finer details. Over time, here are the 3 techniques that have been most useful when debugging with Visual Studio: [More]

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[Interview] In The Bubble Of Olivier Madiba: "my goal is to reach my maximum human potential and to help others to do the same"

by necemon 20. February 2018 23:48
1. Quick (but effective) introduction of the personage and his achievements?
I am MADIBA Olivier, 32 years old Cameroonian. I have a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science obtained at the University of Yaoundé 1. I launched 2 startups (MADIA and KIROO).
I am currently CEO / Game Designer / Scriptwriter / Programmer at Kiroo which is the first video game studio in Cameroon. [More]

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[Interview] In The Bubble Of Israel Yoroba: "I am president, elite serial entrepreneur, veteran blog trotter, catalyst for change in our generation"

by necemon 20. January 2018 23:31
1. Quick (but effective) introduction of the personage and his achievements?
My name is Israel GUEBO. Better known as Israel Yoroba. I am a Media Expert and Coach, and specialist in social networks. I am also President of the Génération Innovante association. Furthermore, I am a member of the Bureau of the Network of Online Press Professionals of Ivory Coast, I am in charge of training and self-regulation.
I am a journalist by training and profession, graduated from the Superior School of Journalism of Lille, France.
From my experience, I keep the most important ones. I trained the press service of the office of the president of the National Assembly, the communication department of the Presidency of the Republic and worked as coordinator of the digital communication for the Ministry of Youth.
From Print to Radio and Web, I have just over 10 years of experience with International Media. For 6 years (2008-2013), I had been a correspondent in Abidjan for the Web editorial of the French channel TV5. As such, I covered the 2008 US elections, the 2010 presidential elections and the subsequent military-political crisis in The Ivory Coast.
Between 2014 and 2017, I was chief editor of the "Studio Mozaik" Radio School, and later Head of the Hemisphère Media Production Office. That is the company that provides correspondence for TF1 in Africa and for France 24 in some countries of West and Central Africa.
For a decade, I have traveled around Francophone Africa to train state institutions. In Togo, Benin, Burundi, Gabon, Guinea... I train Senators and Members of Parliaments for the use of new media in institutional communication. This is taking place as part of the Noria program, initiated by the Francophone Parliamentary Assembly (APF), an institution for which I am a consultant.
I was also a web editor for the France 24 blog. In 2011, I did a brief stint at Radio France Internationale (RFI) on the program "L'atelier des médias". What I was most reknown for was the "Avenues", these local information sites with a presence in several African countries. Besides the Avenues, I launched, in 2013, the first Web Radio of information in Ivory Coast: Class FM (
All this earned me several distinctions: [More]

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[Interview] In The Bubble Of Jean Luc Houedanou: "a fleet of drones that prevent theft and abuse"

by necemon 26. December 2017 16:30
1. Quick (but effective) introduction of the personage and his achievements?
Jean Luc Houedanou, currently Head Of Design in a startup called WeDev Group and having 7 years and several months of experience as a web consultant (including CERAP Inades, as well as the Electoral Reform International Services). I have a Masters degree in E-commerce and a diploma in Information and Systems Management, both obtained from the University of Sherbrooke in Canada.
In terms of skills, I am a web integrator and a web design/strategy consultant. I am also involved to some extent in SEO and Training.
My achievements that I am most proud of are related to the field of Training: I have had the opportunity several times to train journalists or media professionals in the use of social networks, a web radio deployment, content creation and blog management. It's a real pleasure to see every person negatively biased towards these technologies who ends up fully embracing them afterwards and even becoming advocates of journalism 2.0. [More]

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[Interview] In The Bubble Of Antoine Mian: "if one is not passionate, they miss out on life"

by necemon 24. November 2017 20:42
1. Quick (but effective) introduction of the personage and his achievements?

Bi Sehi Antoine MIAN, I am a teacher-researcher in ICT. Currently Assistant Director of Techno Pedagogy at the Virtual University of Ivory Coast. From my experiences as Ivorian Web actor and blogger, I was able to integrate social media as Teaching Units into the educational model of the Virtual University of Ivory Coast. [More]

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10 Marketing Tips For Promoting Your Next Blog Post

by necemon 7. October 2017 19:31
You created your blog a few months ago. You regularly produce content to supply the "few readers you have" but that doesn't seem to be enough.
Your numbers are hardly increasing and you don't know how to boost your web traffic. The few Facebook and Twitter ads that you buy to promote your publications don't really help and you do not know what to do.
Today I would like to suggest 10 tips that will help you to better promote your next blog post and develop your audience. [More]

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