There are already tons of good insights available on Sebastian's website. However, having a one-to-one discussion with him was very useful to discuss specific challenges relevant to some ongoing projects. Through that conversation, Sebastian gave concrete, actionable pieces of advice on project management, recruitment and teamwork:

1. It's better, faster and cheaper to work with people who are already motivated instead of investing in motivating people who are not. The key is to find people that are passionate about the project field(s).

2. For a given field, a good way to find passion-driven individuals is to connect with relevant lecturers, tutors and other educators. Those field experts are likely to mentor interested juniors looking to earn experience through projects/internships.

3. With respect to the people working with you, don't give them an abstract description of the project. Be specific in your explanation with a detailed description and ideally have something concrete already working to show.

4. Don't give them an abstract definition of their mission either. Have very specific tasks for them to do.

5. Time estimates, milestones and regular catch-ups help to keep the project on a good track.