1. Quick (but effective) introduction of the personage and her achievements?

I am Nanda SEYE, Ivorian, in charge of private sector programs in a training firm. I am completing a training in Computer Engineering Option Networks and Systems in a school in Ivory Coast. I have experience in Digital Marketing, Project Management and Computer Network Administration. Also, I have a blog on ICT. What sets this blog apart is the fact that it educates and informs on ICT topics through humour. Hired as a Community Manager by a coworking space from 2013 to 2014, I managed to bring together the different ICT communities around this space and to organize several events that helped in establishing the reputation of the company. This was my greatest accomplishment because JokkoLabs was the first collaborative space in that country; the concept was therefore unknown to the public. It was essential to be very strategic and organised in order to reach the defined objectives.


2. What are your main goals currently?

II have always had a particular interest in project management. So my goal is, God willing, to pass several certifications in this area, including the PMP (Project Management Professional).

Besides that, I plan to produce a Comic Strip because I really like the world of Comics. So I'm currently working on a comic book project that will later be derived into animated videos and video games adaptations. For this purpose, I currently work with a caricaturist and a graphic designer. After releasing this comic book, I will be keen to collaborate with folks specialising in video game development, in 2D/3D videos and other videos to carry out this project. Specifically, people who somewhat share values such as respect, surpassing oneself, perseverance, humility, simplicity, rigor, creativity, professionalism and, most importantly, humor.


3. What tools and techniques do you use to accomplish things efficiently?

My favorite software:
- Project management : Ms Project, GanttProject:
- Digital: Hootsuite, Photoshop, LikeAlyser, Giphy, Canva, Bitly, Social Bakers, MailChimp, Social Shakers, Google Adwords, Google Analytics


4. Any recommendations for your juniors?

Websites :
- gestiondeprojet.pm
- abilways-digital.com
- openclassrooms.com 
- 1min30.com
- webmarketing-com.com 

Blogs :
- jeysmacademie.net
- blogdumoderateur.com


Books :

- Good morning, Holy Spirit: Benny Hinn
- Understanding the Divine Direction: David Oyedepo
- The hippopotamus in the garden: how to hear the voice of God in the 21st century: Alain Bouffartigues

Personal development :
- The alchemist: Paulo Coelho
- Think and Grow Rich: Napoleon Hill
- Attitude Is Everything: 10 Life-Changing Steps to Turning Attitude Into Action: Keith Harrell
- The Power of Positive Thinking: Norman Pearl
- The Leader In You - How to Win Friends, Influence People and Succeed in a Changing World: Dale Canergie

Digital Marketing :
- The marketing plan - digital communication: Denis Pommeray
- The art of the digital war: Caroline Faillet

Project management
- Project planning technique: Gilles Valet
- The project manager's toolbox: Jérôme Maes and François Debois


Life tips (quotes):

David (The Bible)
Psalm 146: Do not rely on influential people: they are only men, they are unable to save. As soon as they blow their last breath, as soon as they return to the ground, their projects are buried with them. Blessed is the one whose help is the God of Jacob, who puts his hope in the Eternal God.

Ralph Waldo Emerson
- Do not go where the path may lead. Go where there is no path and leave a trace

Abraham Lincoln
- The best way to predict your future is to create it
- Always keep in mind that your decision to succeed is more important than anything else
- You can fool a few people all the time; You can fool everyone for a while. But you can not deceive everyone all the time.


5. What is the best way to contact you?

I would say, via my Facebook profile: Nanda SEYE



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