If you are a programmer, there are probably a lot of reasons that motivate you to do what you do. I hope you find here some more motivations.

If you want to be a programmer, you may find here some more reasons to go for that awesome path.
However, I guess I am writing this mainly for those who don't know what to do with their life. Here are some clues about a job that is fun, useful and satisfying to many extents.
From the top of my mind, here are 8 reasons why you would enjoy being a programmer. I hope this inspire you.
1. Programming makes your dreams come true. When you understand programming, you can give life to your thoughts by applying them to real life. You can literally create things.
2. Programming is the ultimate form of interactive art. You can make software, websites and games that others can play with. So you can talk to them indirectly and they can talk back. No other art form is quite this interactive. While drawing, painting, movies and music go to the audience (in one direction), code goes both ways.
3. That's the kind of job you can do from anywhere. From your couch, from home, from office, on travel, whichever country... The only things you need are a computer and your brain.
4. It's easy to learn. There are tons of ressources available online, many of them are free. Also, there are many online communities that can support you through forums, chats, emails, etc.
5. You don't have to rely on anyone to do programming. You may have a chance to do it for a company or for a research programme. Even if it's not in a corporate job, you can work in a team.  And even if you don't find a team that fits you, you can work by yourself. Also, you don't need much money to get started.
6. You can't have enough of it. You can't get bored. Requirements and technology are moving up so fast that you always face new challenges.
7. It's a field of meritocracy. They know you don't fake your skills. You know what you know. You do what you can do and you get a fair recognition for it. 
8. It's fun!