A new online "friend" was recently asking me: "What should be done to get a more lively blog or social media page? I mean, more visits, more likes; how to have some attractive blog and online profiles."

That question comes back from times to times. I don't particularly see myself as an expert in blogging or in social media marketing, but if I were to briefly sum up my humble opinion on the matter, that would be in 3 words: education, production and promotion.


1. Education
I couldn't detail everything you actually needs to know within 5 minutes, because there are lots and lots of elements that come into play. You must therefore continually be learning, checking out the best blogs that discuss blogging, social media, copy writing, online marketing. Subscribe to them, read them as much as you can. Also reach out to those who are doing well in those areas, ask questions. They may not be able to teach you everything in a minute, so you could keep in touch and keep learning, observe their methods, take their feedback on what you're doing.


2. Production
Write often, regularly write, write on topics that interest your readers and yourself. Writing regularly is a matter of discipline, writing interesting content is more about experience (it may take several tries). There again, you can do some research on what people like to read and get inspired by experts. But be careful not to copy them verbatim, you are trying to come up with something new, rather than publishing again what already exists.


3. Promotion 
Keep your social media pages updated, complete and professional, preferably with a graphic identity.
Find some people who are interested in what you have to say or write. Every time you write a new article, let them know through e-mail or their favorite online platform, take their feedback into account, to improve. Also, keep networking with other bloggers and writers in your niche. Establishing some good relationships could help when it comes to sharing content and other exchanges of services.