In addition to being the cradle of humanity, Africa is becoming the cradle of entrepreneurs. As a matter of fact, when it comes to the world rankings of the countries with the largest number of entrepreneurs, Africa plays the leading role!

While entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom and the United States are associated with start-ups, in some other countries, especially in Africa, entrepreneurship for freelancers is more of a necessity than a dream. Indeed, when there are not enough jobs available like in many African countries, you have to create their own opportunities.

Approved Index, a UK-based research network has just ranked countries with the largest number of entrepreneurs. This number is calculated as the percentage of the adult population that owns or co-owns a new business and has paid wages for three months or more. This study shows that countries with the largest number of entrepreneurs are going through a commercial revolution.

Approved's ranking is dominated by Africa. Indeed, the continent ranks four countries within the top nine positions, and the overall champion is Uganda with 28.1% of its population being entrepreneur. The other three countries are Cameroon 4th with 13.7% of the population, Angola 6th with 12.4% of its population and Botswana 8th with 11.1% of its population.

Note that in this ranking, Great Britain is 37th with 4.6% and the USA 41th with 4.3% of the population that are entrepreneurs.


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[Translated from a contribution by Antoine Mian]