You have probably used the in-browser Instant Messaging service of one of the Internet "giants", whether it's Gmail, Msn or Facebook. You know, that small window with your online contacts at the bottom corner, which can be extended into conversations. Wouldn't it be cool if you could have a similar system right into your own website? Well, now you can, that's what the new Mango Chat is all about.

Mango Chat is a small, fast, cross-browser and full-featured chat component which allows you to add chat functionality to your ASP.NET website or web application. It includes features such as high load support, font/color customization, emoticons, and many more! The best thing about Mango Chat is that it's a web control which would integrate in your website as easily as a simple drag and drop.

Mango Chat uses Jquery/Ajax and makes sure that minimum bandwidth and server usage is utilized. It can easily support high volume of users without any degradation in response time. Further it supports multiple options for data store (in memory, XML, SQL Server, etc.). So Mango Chat can help you connect your website members regardless of the data store you use.

And as I mentioned before, it's a component that runs in the bottom right end corner of your website screen (as on Gmail). An obvious advantage is that it doesn't take too much space and let the user make some other operations on the same webpage. 

You can get Mango Chat from