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10 things I learned from building Bavardica

by necemon 14. August 2010 02:25
Enough talk. This one will be my last post on Bavardica (for this version at least). I now need to get back to work. Anyway, this is just a summary of the most important lessons I learned from building and publishing Bavardica. I sincerely hope you get some useful information (or reminder if you already knew all of this) from that. ( PS: a working version of bavardica is available at )

1. Nobody will use an application unless it provides some value, something interesting they don’t already find in what they normally use. This is so true, even for free applications. They might try it but they would give it up quite soon if there is no actual incentive.

2. The very fact that they are asked to register will discourage many people from trying a web application. The most obvious causes might be that they don’t want to waste time doing it, or they don’t want to give away their details for privacy purpose. So at least a trial version should be offered to visitors without registration so that they can see what it’s all about before they make any decision. [More]

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A travers Bavardica - Partie 4 : Possibilites d'ameliorations

by necemon 24. July 2010 03:58
Ceci est la dernière partie de la série sur Bavardica. Outre une interface utilisateur conviviale et colorée, les autres caractéristiques comprennent la modification de personnages en temps réel (pendant qu'ils sont sur la scène). Là encore, le style de cheveux, la peau, les vêtements et les chaussures peuvent être modifiés. En outre, les couleurs de tous ces vêtements peuvent également être modifiés. La façon dont cela fonctionne est assez similaire à la façon dont un personnage est créé.

Entre temps, quelques autres fonctions ont été ajoutées: [More]

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Inside Bavardica - Part 4 : Scope for future improvements

by necemon 24. July 2010 03:11
This is the last part of the series on Bavardica. Apart from a user friendly and colourful user interface, the other features include the edition of the character outlook in real time (while on the scene). Here again, hair style, skin, clothes and shoes can be changed. Additionally, colours of all those garments can also be changed. The way it works is pretty similar to the way a character is created.

In the meanwhile, some other functions had been added: [More]

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Inside Bavardica - Part 3 : Design of the 2D characters

by necemon 10. July 2010 09:34
How I draw the 2D characters

Due to the nature of the drawing art, which is not really computer science related, I thought it was best to describe this process in another part right after the progress description. This work had been a full part of the project and even though it does not directly concern programming (before we get into animation), it is also a computer work involving a pen tablet and some image processing software (Adobe Photoshop). The following screenshots describe the steps in the drawing of one character (out of four) [More]

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a travers Bavardica - Partie 3 : Conception Graphique Des Personnages 2D

by necemon 10. July 2010 03:29
Comment j'ai dessine' les personnages 2D En raison de la nature artistique du dessin, qui n'est pas forcement liée a l'informatique, j'ai pensé qu'il valait m... [More]

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Inside Bavardica - Part 2 : Progress and Achievement of the Project

by necemon 26. June 2010 01:32
As we discussed the subjects areas related to Bavardica, we can now go through the steps in the actual achievement of the project.

i. Sending a public message over the TCP network from a Silverlight client

The model selected for this project is the prototyping model. Starting first with a throwaway prototype, I could first send simple TCP packets using Silverlight and a console application as a server. It was a very basic chat that let a user, say A send a message to a user B so that no one else with receive the message apart from A and B. The server is a .Net console application and the client is a Silverlight application hosted in a... [More]

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a travers Bavardica - Partie 1 : Discussion des sujets impliqués

by necemon 12. June 2010 23:52
Un systeme de messagerie instantanée moderne est composé de différentes caractéristiques telles que les conversations publiques, les conversations privées, les images de profils des utilisateurs et leurs signatures. Quand il est temps d'innover et de faire une messagerie instantanée qui est si spéciale qu'elle est à la fois intéressante et differente des programmes déjà disponible sur le marché, il n'est pas tres évident de deduire quelles fonctionnalités supplémentaires pourraient être jointes. Ceci donne litteralement l'expression que tout a déjà été pensé et mis en œuvre dans une des applications existentes.

Toutefois, Bavardica est ma tentative de faire une plateforme de communication pas comme les autres. Bavardica se distingue par deux avantages par rapport aux messageries instantanées conventionelles. Premièrement, il ya la présence permanente d'êtres artificiels qui interagissent avec d'autres utilisateurs. Ensuite, l'application repose sur un espace à deux dimensions qui représentent un petit monde dans lequel les utilisateurs sont des habitants représentés par des personnages animés. Ce projet est une bonne chance de planter le décor de ce que pourrait devenir un monde virtuel original. [More]

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Inside Bavardica - Part 1 : Discussion of the subject areas

by necemon 12. June 2010 01:28
A modern instant messenger is composed of various features which include public conversations, private conversations, user picture and signature. When it’s time to innovate and make an instant messenger that is so special that it is both interesting and standing apart from whatever program already available on the market, it is not too obvious to figure out what extra features could be attached. It feels like almost everything had been already thought of and implemented in some other application.

However, Bavardica is my attempt to make a communication platform like no other. Bavardica, derived from Bavardage, which actually means talking in French, has got mostly two assets over regular instant messengers. Firstly, there is the permanent presence of artificial beings that interact with other users. Secondly, the application relies on a two-dimensional space which represents a small world in which the users are inhabitants represented by animated characters. This project is a good chance to set the scene of what could become an innovative virtual world. [More]

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