11 Personality Traits Of Successful Entrepreneurs

I spend a good deal of my time trying to understand what is unusual about successful start-ups founders and product creators, that is, what is special about their way of doing things. Hence we can infer some attitudes and "design patterns" that are often found among these people. Here is a (non-exhaustive) list of traits that I have noticed in these people....

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10 things I learned from building Bavardica

Enough talk. This one will be my last post on Bavardica (for this version at least). I now need to get back to work. Anyway, this is just a summary of the most important lessons I learned from building and publishing Bavardica. I sincerely hope you get some useful information (or reminder if you already knew all of this) from that. ( PS: a working version of bavardica is available at www.bavardica.com ) 1. Nobody will use an application unless it provides some value, something interesting they don’t already find in what they normally use. This is so true, even for free applications. They might try it but they would give it up quite soon if there is no actual incentive. 2. The very fact that they are asked to register will discourage many people from trying a web application. The most obvious causes might be that they don’t want to waste time doing it, or they don’t want to give away their details for privacy purpose. So at least a trial version should be offered to visitors without registration so that they can see what it’s all about before they make any decision....

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