1. Quick (but effective) introduction of the personage and his achievements?

Jean Luc Houedanou, currently Head Of Design in a startup called WeDev Group and having 7 years and several months of experience as a web consultant (including CERAP Inades, as well as the Electoral Reform International Services). I have a Masters degree in E-commerce and a diploma in Information and Systems Management, both obtained from the University of Sherbrooke in Canada.

In terms of skills, I am a web integrator and a web design/strategy consultant. I am also involved to some extent in SEO and Training.

My achievements that I am most proud of are related to the field of Training: I have had the opportunity several times to train journalists or media professionals in the use of social networks, a web radio deployment, content creation and blog management. It's a real pleasure to see every person negatively biased towards these technologies who ends up fully embracing them afterwards and even becoming advocates of journalism 2.0.


2. What are your main goals in life?

My goal by the end of 2018 is to write an e-book on WordPress template design and also to launch a podcast on information technology and (my second passion) computer-aided music. I started writing the e-book and regarding the second objective, I am in partnership with a Web TV with adequate equipment. So I am well on the way.

The idea behind these two projects is the same one that motivated my return to The Ivory Coast : to promote a more reasonable and more productive use of information technologies in Africa. There are several problems in Ivory Coast, in Benin (my home country) or in Senegal (my country of birth) which would find a quick solution if young minds of the continent mastered the information technologies better: for example, I have been working for several months with young people who developed WeFly Agri, a plantation management software coupled with a fleet of drones that prevent theft and abuse on plantations and increase productivity.

Africa is a fertile ground for innovation, so I try modestly to plant my seed in that area.


3. What tools and techniques do you use to accomplish things efficiently?

Software: Gimp, Inkscape Sketch, Affinity Designer, Sublime Text, AMPPS, IA Writer, OmmWriter, Firefox Developer Edition, Emmet LiveStyle, FileZilla (a must), iMovie (yes, iMovie, it's a perfectly capable editor) as well as GarageBand

Gadgets: Macbook Pro (for ease of use) and related devices (magic mouse and keyboard). I have an entry-level Android smartphone (Tecno W5 lite) and supplementary, a MyKronoz Zefit3 that I treated myself to for Christmas, in order to remind myself to be less sedentary and do a little more physical exercise.

Technologies: ReactJs, html, jQuery, Gulp and Compass


4. Any recommendations for your juniors?

In terms of podcast - the Daily Tech News Show - www.dailytechnewsshow.com.


5. What is the best way to contact you?

@jlhouedanou, on all social networks, except on Facebook. On that latter social network, my address is facebook.com/bloghouedanou



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