I just published a beta version of my first complete game. If you have a moment to try it, I hope you will enjoy it : http://babifraya.com/


Babi FrayaTM is a "Point & Click" adventure game, therefore a game in which the player assumes the role of protagonist in an interactive story driven by exploration, dialogs and puzzle-solving. It's also a fiction which tells a story, even though the player can affect the story, as there are different screenplay branches.




Winter 2010. Just another random New York student heading back to Babi where he is originally from. Great time ahead for Lewis ! Partying all night in Rue Princesse (Princess Street), enjoying the garba on the sunny beaches, hanging out with old buddies and new encounters... Until a sudden change of atmosphere. What could have possibly gone wrong? Nobody knows. It all went really fast... Within a few minutes everything went from harmony to drama: screaming, bombing, looting, violent clashes, food shortage, closure of borders. When Babi Joy becomes Babi Frayeur, what was meant to be a dream holiday increasing looks like a commando mission. What to do now? Fight or Fraya? Fight to Fraya? You choose.



In short, I just have 3 things to say about it:

- This is a point-and-click adventure game, built on Microsoft Silverlight.

- The story offers an off-the-wall perspective of the #CIV2010 Babi Battle, turning dream holidays into a commando mission.

- The game is quite easy and a few parts could potentially be improved but it works fairly well...


Babifraya.com. Any feedback is welcome,