[Translated from a contribution by Yehni Djidji]


A few months ago, I left my job in order to become my own boss. Well, that's what I thought. But I could learn a few lessons from this experience that I would like to share.


1. Fun working

When you do a job you love, it turns out that you do not really work. You have fun while learning and making money.


2. Varied activities, balanced intellect

I no longer need to mechanically repeat the same gestures, or to work on the same project all day long. I can help someone start a magazine while working on a movie script, writing articles for a radio and tweaking a short story. Of course, it's important to be very organized. I'm still looking for the secret.


3. Guaranteed savings

Some people have a salary that seems huge but they spend most of it on transportation, communication and food in the workplace. If you work at home, you won't spend any money on transport except for value-added appointments and you will simply eat the homemade meal of the day... if you are disciplined. Additionally, the informal side of the start-up activity saves you a lot of taxes. You have to make the most of this phase, and save as much as possible, and formalize the activity quickly because there are opportunities that you cannot seize when you are not legally constituted.


4. Master of your time and space

You can arrange your schedules to be available for your family while carrying out your activities. You do not have to worry about rush-hour traffic anymore and waste precious time wondering if the slowdown is due to an accident or to the movements of an official convoy. At home, in a restaurant, at the beach, you can work everywhere. I do not advise people to work exclusively from home and I will explain why a little further.


5. Did you say "No More Boss"?

If you thought you could actually become your own boss, think again. Your customers are your new bosses. Some will even make you regret leaving your job. Each of them has their demands, their constraints, their inappropriate language sometimes. But this will allow you to discover some other sides of entrepreneurial life.


6. Be aware and beware of weight gain

In order to work from home you have to be disciplined. Otherwise, you will be tempted to gulp the fridge contents by snacking excessively. True story.


7. Knowing how to set limits

You must be able to explain to the family that staying in front of a computer does not mean that you are sitting idle. They must comprehend that you may be in the house without being available. Otherwise you will be involved in a parade of servants coming to request various things that they normally handle well when you are not around. And yet, that does not even take the children into account. I cannot work with my son around. He will knock on the door of my room until I open it. For those with children who are still too young to understand that you may need some quiet time, it may be better to go out.