Last week, I had to make a paper prototype for a mobile application I was working on. I ended up building a quite nice thing (picture above) but at the beginning I was not sure about how to go about it. So I just thought I would write about it to share how I proceeded.

The first thing was to do a little bit of research, just to see how people normally do it. The website had been quite inspiring for that matter (as well as that video).


I then headed to the office stationery to grab the necessary stuff. For the whole process I just used a pencil, a pen, a gluestick, some record cards and scissors. That's it.

The next steps were to cut some of the cards to the scale of a (big) mobile phone, wrap one of them around the others and make a hole on each side so that "screens" could go through:



All this may sound kind of obvious but I guess that's the article I wish I could have read when I was starting.


Thanks for reading.