While facing the problem of youth employability, African countries today strive to improve the quality in their education systems by using ICTs. One of the lessons learned from the case studies in relevant countries shows that the integration of ICT in Education can be beneficial, not only in terms of Education, but also in terms of Entrepreneurship and Employability.

In Lebanon, the use of digital tablets in the educational system has enabled the creation of a digital ecosystem for the production of mobile terminals and educational content.

In Portugal too, the implementation of an ICT plan for education has led to the creation of local companies in the field of computer manufacturing, as well as in the creation and production of digital educational content. This state of affairs has created jobs and economic growth in the country.

The examples of Lebanon and Portugal are not isolated. In most Latin American countries, such as Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Uruguay and Paraguay, computers and digital educational content used in the education system are produced locally. In some African countries such as Morocco, Tunisia and Kenya, ICT integration in education has led to job creation around content production.

The main advantage of such a policy is that it stimulates an absolute enthusiasm of all social groups around the integration of ICT in education. As a matter of fact, this policy encourages local entrepreneurship, which leads to the development of a digital ecosystem and the creation of jobs. It also makes it possible to constitute a critical mass of local human resources for the maintenance of the equipment, which plays a fundamental role in ensuring sustainability.

It is therefore indisputable that the policy of integrating ICTs into education in Africa, if it is well conducted, will not only have an impact on education systems. It will also have impacts on the economy through business creation and on the social life through job creation. Therefore, as the vice president of Intel said, a good policy of integration of ICT in education, beyond the aim on Education should have a focus on Entrepreneurship and Employability.


[Translated from a contribution by Antoine Mian]