Syncfusion Metro Studio is a tool which provides a collection of over 2500 Metro-style icon templates that can be easily customized to create thousands of unique Metro icons. The icons are available royalty-free and can be used in open source projects as well as commercial applications.

To get started, just download and install MetroStudio from the Syncfusion website. As soon as you do this and run the program, you can see a wide range of icon categories from (mobile) application to data, to education to emoticons, etc.:


You can directly browse the icons files (.svg) through your file browser by clicking on the "Explore Source" button next to the category title. But MetroStudio is not just a browser for a collection of static files, it's also an editor. Actually, an Edit button appears while hovering any icon. By clicking on it, that icon can be customised at will and many properties are editable : dimensions, background shape, background color and icon color to name a few.


Your selected (and customised) icon can be copied to other applications, saved as xaml data or exported as picture (.ico, .jpg, .png, etc.). The collection is therefore suitable for many types of projects, from PowerPoint presentation to software products including WPF apps, Web apps, gamesMobile apps and websites


With a simple drag-and-drop move toward the bottom-left corner, you can also edit multiple icons at the same time by organising them as a project. 


Finally, MetroStudio deals with text styling. Easily customize and export thousands of font characters as regular icons. Input one or more characters directly in the text box or choose from the character map. It is also possible to drag character icons into projects for group customization and export them to the desired formats.


It's a very complete tool and here is where it gets even cooler: the product is worth $499, but you can download it for FREE today at